The upcoming election will be a mail-in ballot. You should receive for your ballot mid-October. It must be mailed back in time to be received by the clerk by November 7. Otherwise, you may drop it off at any of the four Boulder County Voter Service and Polling Centers. In Longmont, go to Longmont Clerk and Recorders Office, 529 Coffman St.

The POSITIONS for election are:

  • Mayor (I am NOT voting for Brian Bagley)
  • City Council Candidate, Ward 2 (I am voting for Marcia Martin)
  • 2 City Council Candidates at large (I am suggesting you vote for Polly Christensen and Aren Rodriguez)

The ISSUES for election are:

City of Longmont

  • Public Safety Tax (I am voting for YES)
  • Water Storage Bond (I am voting for NO)
  • Recreational Marijuana Tax (I am voting for YES)

Boulder County

  • Worthy Cause (I am voting for YES)
  • Extend Office of Sheriff Term (I am voting for YES)
  • Ability of County to Provide Broadband to City (I am voting for YES)

4 thoughts on “BALLOT ISSUES

    1. Polly Post author

      Edward, This ballot issue (2J) concerns not WHETHER we fund at 10,000-acre feet, but HOW we fund at 10,000-acre feet. The majority of Council: Coombs, Moore, Santos, Bagley, and Findley voted for 10,000-acre feet and would not even consider the 8,000-acre feet compromise that Councilmember Joan Peck and I proposed. City staff engineers and an outside hired expert recommended 6,000-acre feet as being adequate for our buildout of 150,000 people, even under drought conditions. I trust our staff engineers. The Water Board, who are interested citizens, not engineers, wants 10,000 or more. Council was told that at 6,000 acre-feet, the residents would not pay extra for this project as staff had set aside the money for this project over 20 years. To me, reserving 10,000-acre feet is 1) an unnecessary extravagance, costing the residents an unneeded expense; 2) detrimental to the Colorado River, which is already highly stressed; 3) a possible risk to the city as bonding one more project when interest rates are going up may not be fiscally sound. eWe must still find the money to fund the $58,000,000 to finish repairing our river corridor from the flood of 2013.

  1. Karen Masek

    Hi! Do you support funding for Planned Parenthood? Do you support a woman’s right to reproductive rights and being in charge of their own body?

    thank you

    1. Polly Post author

      Karen, I have fought hard my whole life for the civil rights of all people, and that certainly includes women. I’m one, you are one. I have supported Planned Parenthood for years and I believe women must have sovereignty over their own body, otherwise what other right matters?


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