The upcoming election will be a mail-in ballot. You should receive for your ballot mid-October. It must be mailed back in time to be received by the clerk by November 7. Otherwise, you may drop it off at any of the four Boulder County Voter Service and Polling Centers. In Longmont, go to Longmont Clerk and Recorders Office, 529 Coffman St.

The POSITIONS for election are:

  • Mayor (I am NOT voting for Brian Bagley)
  • City Council Candidate, Ward 2 (I am voting for Marcia Martin)
  • 2 City Council Candidates at large (I am suggesting you vote for Polly Christensen and Aren Rodriguez)

The ISSUES for election are:

City of Longmont

  • Public Safety Tax (I am voting for YES)
  • Water Storage Bond (I am voting for NO)
  • Recreational Marijuana Tax (I am voting for YES)

Boulder County

  • Worthy Cause (I am voting for YES)
  • Extend Office of Sheriff Term (I am voting for YES)
  • Ability of County to Provide Broadband to City (I am voting for YES)

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