• Polly_Christensen_smal-litea mom who has lived with her son Sam in their little yellow house in Old Town since 1990
  • the daughter of an immigrant, who loved his homeland passionately but loved his new country even more passionately. And his daughters carry on the tradition.
  • a skilled craftsman with decades in national publishing, including management and budgetary experience
  • a former small business owner for over 15 years
  • currently managing editor and art director at CU-Boulder; employed there for the last 14 years
  • a former member of Longmont Youth Services Board
  • a graduate of Colorado Institute of Leadership Training, traveling around the state studying public policy public in such areas as education, hospitals and clinics, prisons, agriculture, energy policy, and more
  • a precinct leader for over 12 years
  • an election judge for over 20 years